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Below are the officers and directors-at-large of Kindred World's board of directors. Our directors are dedicated and contributing board members through their own life work, Kindred projects and nonprofit collaborations. We are always interested in mentoring future board members through collaboration and partnership. Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in serving on Kindred's board.

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kelly wendorf

Kindred Magazine, Founder

elly Wendorf, PCC, MECD is an executive coach, author, transformational mentor, and socially responsible entrepreneur. She was the founding editor and publisher of Kindred when it was first a print magazine and then moved to a purely online platform. Kelly is now the Founding Partner of EQUUS, an innovative leadership development organization that she runs with her partner J. Scott Strachan in Santa Fe, New Mexico. EQUUS uniquely combines neuroscience, systems theory, contemplative wisdom, attachment theory, somatic processes and nature based wisdom in their coaching approach that is both experiential and transformative. Her commitment is to changing the narrative inside leadership platforms to one that steers the world towards sustainability, compassion, and humanity.

Throughout her life she has lived and worked around the world, studying with many spiritual and Indigenous leaders in India, Africa, Indonesia and Australia. Such immersion in multi-cultural perspectives has honed a passion for creating a new narrative in the human condition, empowering organizations, leaders and high performance individuals to wield meaningful change in their communities and in the world. She has worked inside a wide spectrum of clientele – from Amazon to some of the most underserved communities.

An intuitive lifelong horsewoman and gifted educator, Kelly developed The EQUUS Experience® — an equine-assisted learning process — in response to her frustration with the limitations of conventional learning methodologies. The process works with horses as co-facilitators, to illicit breakthrough learning through engaging in a 56-million-year-old system – the horse herd. The work, grounded in evidence-based research into the neuro-biological approach to learning, engages the limbic pathway where the re-wiring of emotional and psychological habits is possible, translating into lasting change and growth. The EQUUS Experience® is trending as a powerful differentiator in organizational change circles.

Kelly serves as the secretary on Kindred World's board of directors.


michael mendizza

Touch the Future, Founder

Michael is an author, educator, documentary filmmaker and founder of Touch the Future, a nonprofit learning design center. His most recent books are Playful Wisdom and Always Awakening.  He is the author of the books, Magical Parent-Magical Child: The Art of Joyful Parenting, co-authored with Joseph Chilton Pearce that applies what athletes call The Zone, researchers call Flow and children call Play to parenting and to education. More recent is Flowering, a collection of dramatic floral and seascape images with quotes by Krishnamurti. Currently he is editing Amazing Capacities and Self-inflicted Limitations, a summary-anthology of Joseph Chilton Pearce’s collected insights and a forth book, on Buddhist Practices, Emptiness and Krishnamurti, with Rimpoche Samdhong, the first Prime Minister of Tibet in Exile. Also, Michael just completed Chosen, a theatrical screenplay on the life of Krishnamurti. In addition Michael and his wife share ZFolio, three elegant and diverse galleries; Solvang, Monterey and Santa Barbara, featuring international designer jewelry, Czech Art Glass and Michael’s photography.

Inspiration for Michael’s work emerged from personal relationships with Joseph Chilton Pearce, physicist David Bohm, philosopher J. Krishnamurti, Ashley Montagu and over one hundred scientists, authors and educators all having clear and critical insights into the journey we call being human. Think of him as the Bill Moyers of the human development field. Michael writes and speaks internationally on varied subjects such as: the Next Frontier in Education, The Intelligence of Play, Transcendent Mentoring of This And Future Generations, Media and the Brain, Corporate Exploitation of Children, The Brave New World of Un-Schooling, The Childlike Mind, Rational Imagination, Raising Children in a Sport-Crazed Culture, and other topics. He maintains a blog, continues to add to Touch the Future’s expanding archive of personal interviews and writes for various periodicals on parent+child development.  He is a contributing editor for Kindred Media, an FCL nonprofit initiative and alternative media outlet.

Michael is the current president of Kindred World.


teresa graham brett

Parent Liberation Alliance, Founder

Teresa is the founder of the Parent Liberation Alliance and Project. She is the author of Parenting for Social Change, and editor for the alternative media outlet, Kindred. She is also the associate dead of students at the University of Arizona.

Teresa lives her passion for creating social change by combining her work in social justice education with parenting. As a professional, she has spent over 20 years working in and with universities and colleges as an educator, leader, administrator and consultant committed to advancing social change and social justice. After graduating from law school, she decided not to practice law. Instead, she opted to serve the cause of social change and justice through her work at three large public universities across the country. She worked with innovative programs designed to create transformative learning for students, staff and faculty. As a consultant she continues to bring her expertise and passion to clients interested in transformative learning, social change and social justice.

Her own life was transformed after the births of Martel and Greyson, who have challenged her to live the values of liberation, freedom and respect as a parent. She discovered the ways in which she did not live in congruence with her professional values in her role as a parent. Using her experience in facilitating social justice learning, she began her own learning journey toward creating respectful relationships with the children who share her life. This personal journey and her challenge to others to create broader social change by transforming how we view and treat children is chronicled in her writing, both on her website and in her book, Parenting for Social Change.

Teresa is the current vice president of Kindred World.


darcia narvaez, phd

The Evolved Nest, Founder

Darcia Narvaez is a Professor in the Department of Psychology at the University of Notre Dame. Her prior careers include professional musician, classroom music teacher, business owner, seminarian and middle school Spanish teacher. Dr. Narvaez’s current research explores how early life experience influences societal culture and moral character in children and adults. She integrates neurobiological, clinical, developmental and education sciences in her theories and research about moral development. She publishes extensively on moral development, parenting and education. Recently she has been studying the Evolved Developmental Niche (nest) and how it influences moral development, moral capacities and preferences. She hosts interdisciplinary conferences at the University of Notre Dame regarding early experience, flourishing and evolution. In 2016, she organizes a conference on Sustainable Wisdom: Integrating Indigenous KnowHow for Global Flourishing. She is the author or editor of numerous books and articles. Her recent book, Neurobiology and the Development of Human Morality: Evolution, Culture and Wisdom (2014), won the 2015 William James Book Award from the American Psychological Association. She is executive editor of the Journal of Moral Education.


lisa reagan

Families for Conscious Living, Co-Founder; Kindred, Editor

On a Mother (of a) Quest for 19 years as an award-winning journalist, activist and nonprofit visionary, Lisa Reagan explores the space between our unsustainable industrial story and the emerging story of what is possible for Cultural Creative families – who are leading the way forward.

Lisa is a co-founder of the nonprofit, Families for Conscious Living and the executive editor of, Kindred. Lisa shares her personal stories of shifting in features, such as Spiritual Composting in Kindred and other conscious parenting publications. In her presentations at conferences and workshops, she inspires parents to look toward Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey for guidance on transforming themselves as a path to transforming our unsustainable culture.  Her Parenting As A Hero’s JourneyVirtual Retreats and publication will launch in 2015.

Lisa’s Kindred Fireside Chats and interviews with conscious living leaders, like Deepak Chopra, MD; Paul Ray, PhD; Marilyn Schlitz, PhD; Thom Hartmann; Joseph Chilton Pearce and others, continue to forge the new story of holistic family wellness at a time when the United States ranks last among all developed nations for infant, child and maternal wellness.  Watch Kindred’s New Story video series, produced by Lisa and her husband of 28 years, Keith, on Vimeo and You Tube Channels. Lisa is featured in the film documentary, The Love Bomb. Her forthcoming books share her adventure exploring the conscious living movement.

Her vision of serving Cultural Creative families is currently carried forward through nonprofit collaborations through Kindred’s Pioneering Partners Project, and over 300 international Pathways Connect Gathering Groups sponsored by Pathways to Family Wellness. (Listen to the FCL story.)  In 2013, Pathways received three Hermes awards for the issue featuring Lisa’s interview with Jamie Grumet on her experience as Time magazine’s breastfeeding cover mom: The Cover Shot Heard ‘Round The World: An Interview With Conscious Parenting Revolutionary, Jamie Grumet.


pam leo

Book Fairy Pantry Project, Founder

Pam Leo is a family literacy activist and founder of the Book Fairy Pantry Project, an FCL initiative. She is the author of the classic and well-loved book, Connection Parenting, inspired literacy and bonding poetry, a contributing author to Kindred and a future children's book, Please Read To Me. Pam has worked with children and families for more than forty years. From her work with teen parents, parents in prison, parents in recovery, and low income parents, she learned that all parents want very much to provide for their own children. She has "never met a parent who didn't want life to be better for their children than it was for them." Her enduring love of children's  books, her passion for literacy, and her commitment to empowering parents, are combined in her new role as the founder of a grassroots literacy movement, the Book Fairy Pantry Project, whose mission is "No Child With No Books" - because "Books change children's lives...for good."


david metler

Parent Liberation Alliance, Co-founder

David Metler is a contributing author to Kindred, the co-founder of the Parent Liberation Alliance and a PhD candidate and co-author of The Wise Parent Study at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in Human Development and Family Studies.  Metler’s research focuses on the ecology of the child with a central focus on the intersection of well-being, social justice, and practical wisdom.  He is the EcoWell Initiative coordinator at the School of Human Ecology, SoHE, which engages the SoHE community in practicing well-being and social justice habits of mind and skill.  He is also a musician who likes to express himself through song-writing with the help of guitar, piano, and drums.  Dave joined the board of directors for Families for Conscious Living in 2015.

David is the current treasurer of Kindred World.


angela braden

Evolved Nurturing Initiative, Co-founder

Cofounder of the Evolved Nurturing Initiative, contributing author to Kindred, and Science Mommy Blogger.  From penning tight write-ups for the clever readers of to serving as Beauty Editor for Lucire (New Zealand's Vanity Fair equivalent) or delivering chunky services pieces for magazines like Harper's Bazaar and Pregnancy  and Newborn, my work has been diverse, but always, it has mingled with culture and  science. Now that I'm focused on parenting, understanding the (often divergent) forces of science and culture is key.

I strive for journalistic excellence by first conducting deep analysis of scientific studies and then considering the entire body of work on the subject. This allows me to add an accurate, holistic, and meaningful  take on the collective conversation surrounding an issue, or to add fresh, useful advice to a service piece. I believe readers deserve better than science reporting that simply regurgitates the researchers' conclusions or worse, puts a sensationalized spin on them. Below is a sampling of published print articles across a decade of freelance journalism. Specific story ideas are available upon request. 


Liberty liscomb


Liberty Liscomb is the past president of FCL. Liberty mothers five children in Harwinton, Connecticut, and works to revive and evolve a more self-sufficient and sustainable family and community life, beginning with her own. Her children spend their days world-schooling alongside her, collectively following their own interests, and learning more about the world as they go. She is the co-founder of the Connecticut FCL group, a La Leche League Leader and former Bradley Childbirth Educator. She has been an integral part of FCL's growth and vision since 2003.



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